Sunday, September 7, 2008

To Santa Barbara

All right,I leave for Santa Barbara, California!
I stay there for 2 weeks, from today to 20th, Sep.

Now I cannot a lot of things because I don't have enough time to write,
but I surely write a new post with photos after arriving at Santa Barbara :D

See you then---XD!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Laura came to Japan XD

Long time no post-^^

Tonight, some AGUers (Kotomi, Hiromi-Obachang, Keina, Shingo, Yuka, Yuichiro, Kana.S, Kana.Y)and I saw Laura! The study and training of her company was held in Shinjuku, Tokyo. So Luckily we could drink together^^

It's really been a while, so we enjoyed talking each other.

After we drank, we went to karaoke. Laura was really good singer as always, so we all were enraptured by her beautiful voice XD!

Laura leave Shinjuku, Tokyo, but her place of employment is not so far from our town. So I think we can see her again:) We could saw Laura this time, and also saw Sophia before. I'm really happy to saw them after coming back to Japan, so I want to see Nina, Shirly, Dr. Marie, Ji Won, Shania,Shin-san, and Sophia again,hehehe^^

At last, I would like to tell you about my recent conditions. Last monthe was really busy because of the report and test term. After finishing tests on 28. Jul, my summer vacation has started though I have to write a report and read some books (I'm really carefree if I have NO summer assignments, hahaha^^;;). Anyway also I work my part time, I enjoy my summer vacation:D AGU 2008 has started from 1. Aug, right? AGU 2008 and AGUers' blogs make my summer vacation enjyable because they reminds me of my memory of last year^^!

That's all for today! I sleep now, good night~~!