Thursday, November 1, 2007


Long time no see~~^^
How have you been, everyone!!?? I'm very well^^

From my school has begun, I've been busy just a little. I finally could have my free time to write my blog today~~!

Anyway, I went to a Halloween party yesterday. You may not believe it, it was my first Halloween party in my life!! We were disguised a little^^ (I wanted to upload these photos but I couldn't do that because my camera has been in a bad mood from yesterday>< I'll upload them if my camera will be fine), ate punpkin dishes, and played games:D It was really fun! Ah~~, I really want to show you party photos:D:D

How about you!? Of course you took part in a Halloween party, right^^?? If you joined a party, please upload photos~~!

Next, I inform of you how I am doing these days today. I have theree news^^ First, I've started to go to an English school since 29th, Aug. (Did I write this befor...^^;?) Second, I've started a part-time job, private tutor since last month. I teach four junior high school students, Japanese for a seventh grader and English for two eighth graders. The job is hard, but I'm happy when my student understand what I teach^^ Thrid, I decided my seminar. Maybe I'll study about international system if I'm selected. I think I can pass the selection because it didn't reach fixed number. I'm looking forward to next semester^^

Anyway, I enjoy my life now^^ Bye~~~!!