Thursday, November 1, 2007


Long time no see~~^^
How have you been, everyone!!?? I'm very well^^

From my school has begun, I've been busy just a little. I finally could have my free time to write my blog today~~!

Anyway, I went to a Halloween party yesterday. You may not believe it, it was my first Halloween party in my life!! We were disguised a little^^ (I wanted to upload these photos but I couldn't do that because my camera has been in a bad mood from yesterday>< I'll upload them if my camera will be fine), ate punpkin dishes, and played games:D It was really fun! Ah~~, I really want to show you party photos:D:D

How about you!? Of course you took part in a Halloween party, right^^?? If you joined a party, please upload photos~~!

Next, I inform of you how I am doing these days today. I have theree news^^ First, I've started to go to an English school since 29th, Aug. (Did I write this befor...^^;?) Second, I've started a part-time job, private tutor since last month. I teach four junior high school students, Japanese for a seventh grader and English for two eighth graders. The job is hard, but I'm happy when my student understand what I teach^^ Thrid, I decided my seminar. Maybe I'll study about international system if I'm selected. I think I can pass the selection because it didn't reach fixed number. I'm looking forward to next semester^^

Anyway, I enjoy my life now^^ Bye~~~!!


Nina Liakos said...

Dear Ai,
It was nice to read your post. I am sure you have been very busy, especially since you are working and attending an English school (great!). How do you like teaching?

I didn't attend a Halloween party, but I enjoyed handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters in my neighborhood. Here is the URL of my album:
If you can't access it, email me and I will send you a better link.

It's finally turning colder in Maryland. How about Japan?

Say hi to my AGU friends and students that you see!


KANA.Y said...

Hi Ai!
That sounds nice to have a haloween party! I wanted to have one, but I could not because I and my friends forgot haloween^^;;

An English school must be good for you to improve English skill^^ Have a fun!

See you~~~~

Sophia's Monde said...

Halloween is not as big a holiday in France as in America so I did not go to a party either. But when I was in Ireland some people were disguised to go out at night and there were many decorations in restaurants and stores!

Ji Won said...

Hello Ai!

Long time no talk~! ^^

How've you been? It sounds like you've had an awesome Halloween party.

On my Halloween night, I went night fishing with my friends and caught five big fish throughout the night! We all got really drunk by five o'clock in the morning and passed out as soon as we came back home ^^;;

It's good to see your post and hear updates about what you've been up to recently. Keep updating!

Ji Won

joe said...
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