Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I got it! I understood how to upload images!!

The past a couple of days, it was really fun!

On Saturday, I went to a festival and saw portable shrines. I didn’t carry them because my friend couldn’t come this year because of her business. I wanted to carry them~... But I will next year!!

On Sunday, I went to BBQ with my classmate of my high school days, however, two people of the member were bad condition because one had a hangover and another was lack of sleep ^-^; In spite of that, thank you for coming~! I want to see you all again soon!!

And today, I went to my grandma’s house to give souvenirs. I talked with her, my uncle, and my cousins! It was really fun. So I earnestly burst into laughter because my grandma always says waggish things ^0^ She brought up me from I was born to my kindergarten admission because both of my parents work. I love grandma~~!!!!
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Hiromi said...

Hello, Ai!
It's great that you've finally found out how to upload images! And of course, I enjoyed taking a look at the pictures! You really seemed to have a lot of fun! ^^

Ji Won said...

Hey Ai~,
It seems like you're getting over the jet lag pretty quickly!

Glad to see that you've had fun at the festival, BBQ, and your grandma's house!

Keep blogging!

Ji Won

Nina Liakos said...

Hello, Ai! I loved seeing your pictures (especially your grandmother--she looks so nice!). Congratulations on figuring out how to do it!!! I remember when I started blogging, I couldn't upload photos and I was so frustrated! It turned out that the browser I was using (Netscape) was the problem. As soon as I switched to Firefox, I was able to do it. The moral of the story is: don't give up.

Ai said...

To Hiromi>
Thank you!Yeah, it's more enjoyable to upload images than there are no images, right^-^??
Also, It's amazing progress for me to make my own blog!! I owe the ability to Nina's class☆

To Ji Won>
Hello,Ji Won!
Yes, my jet lag has already recovered ^-^! Also, I can act so active now because it's unusual for me, I keep regular hours recently!

How's your physical condition? Of course you're fine, right??

To Nina>
Thank you ^^! My grandma is my idol, hahaha!

I have to do next is to learn how to upload bubbleshare! I never give up!!!

Laura said...

Ai-ai!! It seems like you've been really busy!! Blogging...and the internet in general is confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's really fun!!

I'm looking forward to your future posts!

Berta said...

Hi Ai,
I enjoyed reading about the fun events back home. It is always important to stay in touch with friends, especially from high school, as they share great memories with us.
Your grandma´s picture is wonderful. She looks young and happy.

All the best,
Berta in Venezuela

Ai said...

To laura>
Yeah, I really think so! I promise I will keep uploading ^-^♪
But fasebook is more difficult than mixi, hahaha^-^;

Enjoy your vacation!!

To Berta>
Hi, Berta! Thank you for comment from Venezuela!! Yes, I really enjoy my vacation now, however, I have a lot of things I have to do. First, I have to enjoy my vacation(←joke,hahaha^^), second, I have assignments, third, I heve to find my new part time job...

Anyway, I enjoy vacation to the full! How about you? Do you work hard or enjoy vacation?

Please take care of your condition!


Dennis said...

Hello, Ai.

What beautiful photos! They really enrich the appearance of your blog!

I enjoyed seeing the photos of your grandmother, the festival, and the barbecue!

Best wishes from Phoenix, Arizona--


Ai said...

To Dennis>
Hello, my grandpa :D
Thank you for your comment on my post!

How have you been? I'm pretty good. I will be able to upload many pictures because I'm going to go to Kyoto from 30,Aug.
Please enjoy~^^

Dennis said...

Hello, Granddaughter! ^_^

You're entirely welcome for my comments.

I've been OK. Thanks for asking.

I look forward to seeing pictures from Kyoto. There are so many beautiful and historic sites there!

You enjoy, too!

Dennis in Phoenix