Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend!

This weekend was really really fun! On Friday, I took part in Nina’s party. I could talk with many people there, for instance, Nina’s husband, Vicki, and their friends. Also, dinner was good. After that, I went to karaoke! I enjoyed myself because I could not have been to karaoke long time, hahaha! On Saturday, I went to Annapolis. This town has the sea, the landscape (seascape??) was so beautiful. It became my favorite place. On Sunday, I could spent full time, in other words, it was sightseeing day! I went to the National Museum of the American Indian, the National Museum of Natural History, Lincoln Memorial, and Vietnam Memorial. It was good experience to go such artistic or historical place. Anyway, weekend was great, and I love weekends, hahaha (^-^)/


Hiromi said...

Hello, Ai!
I'm glad to hear that the weekend was awesome! ^^ Also, wherever you are, it's always enjoyable to go to Karaoke with your friends, right? Your post definitely makes me want to go to Karaoke!

Nina Liakos said...

Everybody loves weekends! And Annapolis, with its beautiful views of the Chesapeake Bay, is a really nice place to spend a sunny summer Saturday, isn't it!