Wednesday, August 15, 2007

That't the D.C.!!

I went to some neighborhoods yesterday, for example, African-American and Hispanic. The atmosphere was really different from Maryland. I saw many interesting things there, especially Hispanic neighborhood, for instance, a Hispanic supermarket and a Latin music store. It made me happy because the atmosphere was active!! I like it as much as Maryland.

Next was the best place that I could feel “I came to Washington. D.C.” (too late??) It was The White House!! I could not come near to it; however, it was really excited. I wanted to meet Mr. Bush if I could. Anyway, I was satisfied to visit it! Sad to say, my study tour is drawing to a close. I made a lot of memory in Maryland and Washington.D.C. , so I want to come here again!!

And then I want to say thank you to ...

Hiromi: Your comments make me high motivation to post new one! I want to meet you in Aoyama! Thank you so much(^o^)!

Dennis: You are really my grandpa!! I love your gentle comments. Thank you so much!

Berta: Thank you for your comments from far country. I was really happy to read your comments!


Hiromi said...

Hello, Ai!
Though I've enjoyed reading your blog all around, it's so sad to know that you have to leave there finally. :( Also, it's been my pleasure to leave comments on your blog and I enjoyed it very much because it made me feel as if I were there with you guys. ^^

I actually go to the Fuchinobe campus regularly because of the training program I talked about on my blog. (I'm not a sufferer of "Nobe Gaeshi"!) But I guess it's better for me to wait for you in Aoyama campus because it'll happen soon, right? Lastly, I hope you'll be back to Japan sefely. Please make sure that you're ready for the heat in Japan! Hahaha..

Nina Liakos said...

Dear Ai, as I write this, you are on the airplane flying back to Japan. I am so glad to have met you and gotten to know you a little during these two weeks. It went quickly, didn't it? I am proud to be part of the memories you will keep of your first trip to America. Keep in touch!

Ji Won said...


Your cheerful comments, mature personality, and delightful smile made these two weeks very much enjoyable for me. I want to say thank you for being such a great participant in this year's program. I am looking forward to talking to you through facebook, blogs, and chats! I'm also looking forward to the day we'll meet again in Japan!

Rest well and talk to you soon,
Ji Won

Dennis said...

Hello, Ai.

I'm really glad that your stay in the U.S. was a good experience. I think Nina-sensei did a wonderful job of arranging trips and other activities so you could experience many different aspects of the U.S. in the time that you were here.

Thanks for the very kind words. I'm honored that I seemed like a grandpa to you!

Very best wishes--

Dennis in Phoenix

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